Aims and Objectives

The aims and objectives of the Theological Seminary are:
1. To train Christian workers, Church leaders and who may wish to acquire theological Education, certificate, Diploma, and Degrees in Biblical Studies and Christian Theology.

2. To promote the intellectual development of Christian leaders, Church workers and Christian/Gospel Ministers through workshops, seminars, conferences, symposium and the provision of full-time and part-time programme in theology and Christian religious studies.

3. To provide a resource base for Churches, Schools, Bible Colleges/Seminary and other Christian Institutions in Nigeria and beyond

4. To promote research in all aspects of Biblical Studies with special reference to Theological research to the community of Christianity

5. To disseminate Professional/Theological knowledge on Biblical/Theological matters to Christian workers, Seminarians, gospel Ministers, Christian teachers, Church leaders, theologians, and instructors in Theological institutions

6. To seeks to transmit and generate Theological academic knowledge and skills related to Christian Theology also by award of certificates, Diploma, degrees and honorary in Christian Theological field.

7. To offer academic majors in Christian Education, Church leadership and administration, Christian counselling, Church management and Social Sciences

8. To assist students acquire a comprehensive theological knowledge and Christian values and develop life-style that exemplify Christian teachings (relative) regardless of their ultimate occupational objectives.

9. To take the leading role in partnership with the Government of the day in ensuring and fostering discipline and inculcate same spirit in the society at large.

10. Our goal is the development of effective and virile indigenous human skill for the advancement of Christian concept in the society and nation building.

Statement of Faith

As a non-denomination Theological Seminary, our belief is a synergy and synthesis of Evangelical, Pentecostal and Charismatic informed statement of faith. We are a Theological Seminary that proffers Bible and Theology at a higher level as we provide degrees. Our certification is globally recognized