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Who We Are


The Ark Theological Seminary of Nigeria, Abuja. Is an indigenous non-denominational Christian Theological College/Seminary, committed to equipping the Church for positive impact, reaping the end time harvest and making ready the saints for the arrival of the King of kings- Jesus Christ. We are more than just another Theological Seminary; it is a place of;

 Self-Realisation and Development
 Revelation and Exposition
 Learning and Discipline
 Spiritual Rejuvenation
 Fellowship and Commitment
 Love, Relationship and Mutual Development
 Above all, a place of Encounter with God


To raise Christian Leaders, Theologian and Christian Educators of Vision and worthy for African Church and the Society in general.


The Ark Theological seminary of Nigeria, Abuja – Centre for Biblical Studies & Theological Research is a specialised higher institution for the study of Biblical studies and Christian theology, studying at the Ark Theological Seminary of Nigeria means studying biblical studies, Christian education and Theology in an academic environment, in a spiritual climate with great commitment to the church and society. It also seeks to promote understanding and informed appreciation of the significance of the several of mankind


Teaching staff and scholars are experts in their discipline, who integrate their knowledge, skills and spirituality in dealing with issues of faith, Church and world Christianity. The main emphasis of the theological seminary are complete and uncompromising loyalty to the Biblical and Historical Christian faith, the inculcation of complete Christian scholarship, the nature of a deeper spirituality in the Christian life, the development of leadership for excellence in ministry – all directed toward the goal of a practical Christian ministry